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Dr. Nguyen Manh Hung: "A lot of people are sleeping wrong now, they do not know the way to the graveyard gradually short"

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  • 16/05/2017

Getting to bed on time will help you stay healthy, happy and longer. If you want to go to the graveyard early, keep going to bed.

TS Nguyễn Mạnh Hùng: "Rất nhiều người đang ngủ sai giờ. Họ không biết đường tới nghĩa địa dần ngắn lại"

I never go to bed after 23pm

Me and you - who are reading these words - are completely opposite. When you wake up, I sleep, while you sleep, I wake up.

Hey, right now, when I'm writing these words, I've been awake for 2 hours

As I wrote (and preached many times), "one day at the hour," the most precious hour in a day is the hour, from 3:00 to 5:00

I often woke up this time to deep breathing, meditation, yoga and qigong. I sit at the newspaper desk and check e-mail, post early on personal facebook is usually around 5 am. 

Specifically, right now is 5h13 minutes. I finished writing and posting often around 6am.

I eat breakfast before 7 o'clock and usually 6h30. Before breakfast, after posting and checking e-mails, I usually spend about 30 minutes reading.

Because I remember Will Rogers saying that, people have two ways to learn. One is reading and two are closer to those who are wiser than themselves. English is "A man only learns in two ways, one by reading, and the other by association with smarter people."

I do all this work for more than 7 hours when I go to work, or go to lecture, or participate in scheduled meetings.

Likewise, I go to bed at 22:00 (there are 21 hours). I never go to bed after 23 o'clock in the night, except for force majeure or special circumstances. Still, most people wake up after 21:00, 22PM. Someone after 23 hours to go to bed.

In particular, there are those who want to "undermine health" or the guests I call wanting to "pick up disease in person," or another way I called "want to go to cemetery sooner" by staying up late after 23:00 night lice too late at night when the new day.

You and I have different sleeping hours, even opposite. News must have one of the two absurd. Try not to conclude, do not criticize or judge, try to read all the post.

Let me also say that this article is based not only on my research through reading and studying hundreds of books in all languages, English, Russian, French, Chinese, Vietnamese ... but what I did for years.

That is my experience. Again, the experience is real. It's my habit. So when you read, you may find something completely new and paradoxical, even startled, but also something that is familiar because it seems to have read some books already.

No problem. And again, I just wrote down my true experiences, what I witnessed, I realized in my body. Do not rush to believe me right away, read it carefully, read it over and over again. Then if the feeling seems reasonable then the application. And the most practical demonstration is the result you realize after a short time of application.


Do you know a new day at 23 o'clock?

Understood people think that when we wake up is a new day. Some people think that the new day starts in the morning. Some people assume that the new day starts at 5 or 3 o'clock. All is not right!

The scientists are very accurate and they immediately say that the new day begins at 0 o'clock or else is called 24 o'clock, or 12 o'clock at night. Not yet!

Today I share to you the truth that, 23h night is the start time for a new day. The day really starts before midnight to 60 minutes then you. I will analyze later.

Remember the time of each part of your body

You know very well (except those who are too lazy to read or have not learned to have a basic knowledge of body and health), that the body has green and flakes.

But you do not know what time is part of the hour. Please share this first, as this is extremely relevant to sleep time in particular and your lifestyle as well as your health.

3 to 5 in the morning. This is the hour of the lungs. 5 to 7 o'clock in the morning, the hour of the large intestine (also known as colon).

7 to 9 am is the hour, the hour of the stomach (or taste). 9 to 11 am is the hour, the hour of the spleen (also called spleen).

11 to 13 noon is the hour, the heart's time (or mind). 13 to 15 pm is the hour of smell, the hour of the small intestine (also called the school).

15 to 17 pm is the body hour, the time of the bladder (also known as the bladder). 17:00 to 19:00 pm is the hour, hours of the kidney.

19 to 21 pm is the hour of death, the time of the heart (or so-called). From 21 to 23 hours is the hour, the time of trumpet. From 23 to 01 AM is hours, hours of bile (also called nickel). From 1:00 am to 3:00 am, the hour of the liver (also known as can).

Help the lungs excrete, not harm it

So you see right away, people with lung disease cough coughing at certain hours, 3 to 5 am. The lungs are for breathing. 3 to 5 am is pulmonary excretion.

If I wake up, open the door tomorrow, the freshest air for overnight, the dust settles down, the positive air begins to breathe light and deep, active breathing, there is nothing better to help the pulmonary discharge. Toxic main lung out.

This is the best time to wake up. That is why there is a sentence "One day at a time that gradually out".

You breathe you live. Breathing out without inhaling is life. Human networks are measured by the breath. Still, many people, in particular, may have you, who despise the breath. Only when you have stuffy nose, shortness of breath, you see the preciousness of each breath.

Breath is the connection between body and mind. Breath is the connection between life and death. Breath is the connection between consciousness and subconsciousness (also known as consciousness or the Buddha called a consciousness). Breath is the connection between body and mind. Yes, you remember to go offline.

The mind is interested in the first breath. People who are interested in breathing and active breathing are called yogis, ie students who practice meditation. Recall that active breathing, ie breathing awareness. All the rest are still breathing (otherwise they will die), but breathing automatically, breathing like a machine.

A good meditator who can guide others to meditate is called a Zen master. However, the word masters is only to refer to the great masters, meditation at a very high level as Zen master Khuong Tang, Van Hanh, Thich Nhat Hanh, Thich Thanh Tu, ... (English called zen master).

Those who teach meditation on the lower level (like me, for example) are only called meditation teachers or zen teachers.

So if you refuse to get up in time, you are automatically taking you to the graveyard earlier than that.


Do not leave the waste in person over 7am

And you know, as mentioned above, 5 to 7 hours is the morning of colonoscopy. This time the colon excretes toxic, ie, faeces. Healthy people are definitely going to defecate at this hour. Absolutely not wrong.

How come you do not want to be stingy every now and then? How the day you only defecate one hour only is the hour. If you go wrong this time is not good for the colon and digestive system. Note that you need to know how to get rid of waste, clean colon (I will write a separate article about this).

If you are 5 to 7 in the morning you are still sleeping, ie waste is yoked in the large intestine. Are you good at it? Feces are poison. Poisoning should have been thrown out of the body at this hour, just because you crave for sleep or have a bad habit - wake up late but the whole body suffers.

That is not to say that when you go stools automatically urinate, that is also to get urine out of the bladder. Of course, urine is hard to understand that long in the body is good.

Well, if you still do not get up early to go out and urinate on time, you gave yourself the "opportunity" to get to the graveyard sooner. You do not know how big and small your colon and bladder are as well as your precious body? So I advise anyone who likes to get up late should still get enough time to waste, then go to sleep.

Advise so advised, but I know they also hear less because they think that it is better to sleep, enjoy, get up. Do not breathe, die, do not eat hungry, do not drink the thirst, but the long waste in the dead right? Sleep late bringing you to the graveyard early so that's it.

Want to live long, definitely have to eat breakfast

The next hour is now, 7 to 9 hours. This time of the stomach. Stomach activity at this time. If you do not eat breakfast before 7 o'clock, what is the stomach? Squeeze the empty stomach?

Stomach secretes substances to metabolize food without food, do you follow good or bad for the stomach in particular and the body in general?

There is information that I think you do not know, in the stomach is a lot of acid and acidity in the stomach is equivalent to the acidity of lemon juice. If you have a habit now or not, the risk of stomach disease is very high.

You do not know, the digestive system is the second brain. The stomach is the heart of the brain. If the stomach does not squeeze, do not digest food, the next batch of affected parts spread. Not only the small intestine, the large intestine, but also the liver, kidneys, spleen, gall bladder, heart, lungs, etc. are affected by the neck. All bodies are affected.

So, unfortunately, you know who sleeps late, including holidays, until 7 am wake them up by letting them read this information.

I also advise those who have a habit of getting up late or lazy or afraid to eat breakfast that is MUST BE EATING. If you do not eat before 7 am, you should eat before 9 am rather than eat. Otherwise, the road to the graveyard will be very close.


Working from 21h to 23h is the killing of monk

Now I'm talking about 21 hours to 23 hours. This is the third consumption.

Many people do not understand what tricks are and what their role is. Easy to understand this: The trident is three empty compartments in the human body, including the upper, middle and lower.

The upper chamber is the hollow chamber from the mouth to the center of the stomach that contains the heart and lungs. The medial artery is the hollow cavity between the stomach and the pylorus. Lower abdominal cavity is the hollow cavity from the stomach to the anus that contains the liver and kidneys. Have you seen any important goals?

Again, the activity of the trumpet manifests itself in the gasification of the food, ie, the substance in the body into gas. This gas turns into another substance in the body. These are chemical reactions, biological inside the body.

You may also have heard of saying that the upper is like a cloud of clouds, like a bubble of effervescent water, lowered aswater flows. Listen now. But now I understand right.
You startled when you heard that the target is the house to stay, is the wallet for money, is the lane, the basket for the women, mothers g-o to the market, is the clothes to wear.

If startled, then good. Startled to enlighten. Startled to resolutely change minds, change bad habits and resolve to take care  of the trinitarian mind.

One more idea that everyone who reads is well aware that in the upper respiratory lungs, the distribution of gas and nutrients into the blood vessels and travel throughout the body.

In the middle, the spleen transports, absorbs the essence of food and water to the lungs. In the lower abdomen, the essence is stored in the kidney, the residue is thrown out by stools and urinals.

The air of the lowering goes down, not the further. In addition, pepper also serves to protect the green, the five organs in the body. See, you see?

Still, some people are busy doing heavy work during the rest of the time that they need rest 21 to 23 hours. I want to talk to those who deliberately sabotage their health, regardless of who, due to the nature of work, must do shifts, do night.

You are a deliberate person. Criminally violated the law deliberately heavier than accidentally a lot offline. If we are not working at the hour of death, intentionally capturing both body and mind work, then the unimaginable.

Even if you think badly, watch movies or read negative newspapers, there is no nurturing, so that the six senses are hard ... also harmful to trumpet. It is best to take a break now.

The wise man is sitting meditating now. Someone who lives properly, listen to light music, drink tea, relax, watch the moon, cool wind, enjoy the clouds.

They do all they can to relax their maximum relaxation. If you are exploiting your body and mind at the moment of trident, you have brought yourself to the meaning earlier.

As mentioned above, I go to sleep at the trumpet. I usually meditate from 21h to 22h and then go to bed. Very good for health. Help us healthy, lucid, strong, peaceful. Great. Experience it and you will SEE. Instant. It only takes a week to see the difference.

Why do people die at 3am: Save the liver

From 23:00 pm to 1:00 am the hour of honey. Now the poison secretes. You feel right now. By bitter mouth. Morning wake up, you see bitter mouth is due to secretion of toxic substances at the time offline.

Again, according to Oriental Medicine, 23 hours is the beginning of a new day. In addition to toxic waste, if the new day that you do not sleep, not rest is very harmful to the body. Most bad is honey. The bile is closely related to the liver.

So if you do not want to go to the graveyard early, please do not stay till late. Your body, including body and mind, does not like you taking them to the graveyard early.

Finally, I want to discuss the time frame, which is from 1 to 3 am. This is the hour of the liver. Well, let's say there are a lot of people who die at this hour.

The cause is due to the liver has 64 functions. When the liver is weak, these functions do not work anymore then we die. If a family member is seriously ill, when taking care of patients at night, it should be noted that this time frame.

If you do not sleep at 1am, it is very bad for your liver. Now the liver is poisoned. Now the liver needs you to rest most, need you sleep as deep as possible. Yet some foolish people go against the liver, injuring the liver. There is no fool in this wildness. Very good!

I would like to emphasize that the liver and bile support each other, sticking together as one. 23 hours is when the meridian of the gallbladder is opened. If you do not sleep or do not sleep, it will cause great harm to the gas.

Why? Because all 11 organs including green (6) and five (5) organs depend on the gallbladder. If damage, damage, weakness, lack of function will lead to reduced function of all parts of the body. Moreover, immunity decreases.

It's even more risky if you have gas (if you have neurological support), you have a very high risk of neurological disease. That is why people who suffer from insomnia are more susceptible to symptoms such as depression, schizophrenia, restlessness, phobia, etc.

From 1 to 3 in the morning to sleep very tasty, very deep. You should remember that this is the meridian of the most prosperous. At this time the liver is toxic, producing new blood.

If you are not sleeping or sleeping, there is a risk that you will have pale skin color, gradually may have liver disease. Stay up late at night, you are at risk for hepatitis B.

The reason is very easy to understand, is because the body is too weak, even the disorder and the virus can attack, penetrate into the body. The body is weak, hand in hand, virus free, carefree.

And you also help me to point out that heart arteries, that is, make blood vessels operate in blood vessels for nutrition and profit. The liver functions to store and regulate blood.

So if you go to bed at 23:00 and go to bed, your blood will go to a heart condition that does not provide enough blood. Heart beats, arrhythmias, tremors, which can lead to high blood pressure, cerebral hemorrhage and many other dangerous diseases.

Yes, sleeping in time is paramount. Sleeping on time is more important than getting enough sleep. If you sleep all day during the day, even if you sleep between 8 am and 8 pm also lose a few hours deep sleep as needed, ie the time for the bile and liver.


Deep sleep 4 hours: Golden Recipes

According to my personal knowledge and experience, we need 4 hours of deep sleep from 23:00 to 3:00. If you want to increase bedtime, if you want to sleep longer than 6 hours, should go to bed from 21 hours. If you want to sleep 8 hours per night, you can wake up at 4:30 or 5am.

I know some people are determined to go to bed at 21pm, even earlier. Those who live long in the high mountains. On it, a very fresh air, because of trees, less cars, factories, etc. On the other hand they go to bed very early, because not being dragged into modern equipment as well as "live" At night "of the city people.

More than that, you may not believe, but many families and many people go to bed at 8 pm, the time of the cell, the heart. That's very wonderful.

Why are there people who are 100 years old? What is their secret. Recall that HEALTH to 100 years old, rather than lying motionless or living in the sickness of suffering to that age.

My grandmother lives in Dong Hoa Commune, a suburb of Thai Binh City, who is 93 years old. Before she died, she was strong and alert.

I remember most of that in the eulogy, the head of Ha Van Tang village told of the "positions" that my grandmother has until 3. That is the member of the agricultural cooperative Dong Hoa commune, Phu Sa Pagoda.

Thick. Just like that. Yet my grandmother lived to death. There are many reasons (and perhaps I will write separately), but it is impossible not to mention that throughout her life she got up early. Getting up early is a very good habit for so many years of both you and your grandmother. Fortunately, I enjoy this good personality.

Solution for night shift workers

C Lastly, I would like to mention a group of people due to the particularity of late night work. Know how to improve the situation. This is the same as our food is still negative yang. There are definitely problems with solutions.

These people should do as lightly as possible. But more importantly they need to learn and practice in mindfulness. Mindfulness is extremely, very important.

Mindfulness of English is mindfulness. Mindfulness is being put into agencies, schools, businesses of most developed countries in the world. Mindfulness centers are very much established in the United States as well as countries. A tens of thousands of dollars course.

I have also been invited by many overseas places to guide living and working in mindfulness. Westerners have something very good that you should learn, that is what is good, scientific, practical is that they study immediately, applied immediately and applied very thoroughly, very determined. That's it. And invited that they often invite experts, who have deep and empirical research in the field.

I also look forward to agencies, especially the government, the Ministry of Health, agencies and schools, hospitals and businesses in the country concerned about mindfulness. At least you can read the famous book that is very thin "Cancer therapy by mindfulness" by firefighters.

It is he who has cancer, but he himself treats himself well with mindfulness. Well, that's amazing.

I want to end this article with a short tip: Getting to bed on time will help you stay healthy, happy and longer. If you want to go to the graveyard early, keep going to bed.

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According to Dr. Nguyen Manh Hung

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