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Find out the secret of successful "sperm"

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  • 18/05/2017

Successful reproduction depends on the movement of the sperm through the liquid. And with this new formula, scientists understand why only one in 55 million spermatochers reach the egg.

So far, the complex rhythmic motion of the sperm on this journey remains a mystery to scientists.

But a new study has found a mathematical formula for motion that researchers think could help treat male infertility in the future.

Trong quá trình thụ thai, khoảng 55 triệu “tinh binh” sẽ được giải phóng cho cuộc đua giành giải thưởng cuối cùng là kết hợp với trứng.

In the process of conception, about 55 million "sperm" will be released for the final prize race combined with eggs.

Move rhythmically sperm

Successful reproduction depends on how the sperm moves through the liquid, but so far it is difficult to study the details of this movement.

But by analyzing sperm motility, researchers from York, Birmingham, Oxford, and Kyoto University have been able to arrive at a fairly simple mathematical formula that does not require complex computer simulations. And expensive is currently used to understand the movement of sperm.

The researchers found that the tail of the sperm produces a characteristic rhythm that pushes the sperm forward while the head is pulled back and sideways.

"To see how the sperm moves forward through the liquid, it must use complex microscopic techniques with high accuracy because of the structure of the liquid," said Dr. Hermes Gadêlha of York University School of Mathematics. Complex, data is difficult to understand and difficult to use and up to 55 million sperm are found in a certain sample.

"So we wanted to create a mathematical formula that would simplify the way this problem was solved and help predict the large number of sperm that was swimming more easily, which would help us understand why. Some successful sperm and other sperm fail. "

Đuôi của tinh trùng tạo ra chuyển động nhịp nhàng đặc trưng đẩy tinh trùng về phía trước, trong khi đầu bị kéo ra sau và sang hai bên.

The tail of the sperm produces a characteristic smooth movement that pushes the sperm forward while the head is pulled back and to the sides.

It is true that spermatozoa is a mystery, but the human body has a sophisticated system to ensure that the proper cells reach each other.

"You might think that the spasmodic movements of the sperm would have a very random effect on the fluid flowing around it, which makes sperm cells" crammed "as hard as it moves through it.

The sperm circulates very smoothly around the fluid to achieve movement, not too different from the way the magnetic field is formed around the magnet. So although the pulling of liquid makes it difficult for sperm to move forward, it ensures that only a small number of "warriors" are able to move forward.

Researchers hope to create a model for predicting larger sperm counts.

They also believe that this will be meaningful for innovating the treatment of male infertility.


Các nhà nghiên cứu hy vọng sẽ tạo ra mô hình dự đoán trên số lượng tinh trùng lớn hơn. Họ cũng tin rằng nó sẽ có ý nghĩa trong việc đổi mới điều trị vô sinh nam.

Researchers hope to create a prediction model for larger sperm counts. They also believe that it will be meaningful in renewing treatment for male infertility.

Male infertility

The most common cause of infertility in men is poor semen quality, sperm fluid is produced during sexual intercourse.

The reasons for abnormal semen include:

- Lack of sperm

- The sperm does not move properly

- Abnormal sperm

Many cases of unusual semen for unknown reasons.

There is a relationship between scrotum rise and decrease in semen quality, but it is not certain whether widespread wearing of underwear improves fertility.


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