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1. Purpose of application

         The card payment system at www.hoplus.com.vn (hereinafter referred to as "Hoplus") is provided by authorized payment gateway partners in Vietnam ("Thanh Gate Partner Math "). Accordingly, Hoplus 's payment security standards ensure compliance with the Payment Gateway Partner' s security standards.

         In addition, HoPlus also has its own payment transaction security standards that ensure the safety of customer payment information.

2. Specify

       a/ The policy of payment transactions with domestic and international cards to ensure compliance with the payment gateway's security standards include:

         - Internet SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) data security standard granted by GlobalSign.
         - Certification of payment information security (PCI DSS) standards provided by Trustwave.
         - 128 bit MD5 encryption standard.
       - The principles and regulations on information security in the banking and finance sector in accordance with the regulations of the State Bank of Vietnam.

       b / The Hoplus payment security policy applies to customers:

        - Hoplus provides a card holder utility for use on subsequent HopLe payments, with the Hoplus principle of storing payment card passwords that are already encrypted by Payment Gateway Partners. So:

      + If customers choose to use the utility: in case of problems related to the security of payment card information, customers contact the Payment Gateway Partner for resolution.
       + If the customer does not choose to use the utility: Customer's Card information is not stored on the ADR system but is stored and secured according to PCI DSS International Standard on Payment Gateway Partners.
         - Customers access the website through the HTTPS protocol.
         - Customers have the option of using OTP to access and trade.
          - The internal system between the modules of the Hoplus uses the key exchange modal keys: The application systems for internal data exchange are encrypted using the private & public key, ensuring confidentiality and integrity. data.

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