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Sales Staff

Quantity: 5 people.

Working time: Full time.

Wage agreement

Job description:

Managing partners, agents, collaborators by software of the system.

Make a monthly list of tools, stationery, determine the norms of the sanitary ware of each department, organize the purchase, allocation and monitoring of use.

Carry out procedures to publish newspapers and contact state agencies to carry out administrative activities of the office.

Manage your account / Email / social networking / ... post updates to news feeds of company news.

Manage relationships with local government agencies, professional social organizations. Make a list of local government agencies in the supplier list form. Note the time to build relationships.

Drafting, managing the construction of normative documents, keeping and printing closed for convenience.

Build management contracts with suppliers, partners, collaborators.

Manage the types of contracts of the company. Make a file to save the types of contracts in the order in the list.

Be proactive in welcoming customers.

Carry out the work assigned by the board of directors.


Have a college or higher degree in office administration, social sciences and humanities, archives, secretaries, and offices.

English level from grade A.

Have knowledge of administrative work.

Good communication skill.

The skill of writing text, proficiency.



Letter of application, CV

CV resumes with photo 4x6 (no more than 6 months)

Copy of birth certificate, diplomas and certificates.

The health certificate does not exceed 6 months.

Identity card, photo notarization.



Contact phone: 0888871188.

Email: hr@hoplus.vn

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