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Room deformity of the table and finger joints

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  • 16/05/2017

SKDS - The higher the age, the degradation of joints and fingers are easier to develop, especially women.

The higher the age, the degradation of the joints and fingers are easier to develop, especially women. The disease is not life-threatening, but painful, limiting physical activity affects many activities and daily life.

Who is at risk?

It usually occurs in adults, especially the elderly, in which women account for about two-thirds. The cause is mainly due to age, partly due to occupational characteristics (female) and calcium deficiency. The higher the age, the more the disease is due to the aging of the body's functions, especially for women due to decline in sex hormones. Joint deformity is due to the amount of blood that nourishes the joint area in general and the joints of hands and fingers in particular significantly decrease and slowly cause the cartilage joint to lack nutrients. Increasing deficiency, the tolerance of articular cartilage is reduced by daily, continuous effects on joints. Those who have to work as much as women do housework (laundry, manual labor ...), obesity, weight gain ... when the elderly are more likely to get sick. Joint deformity is also common in the hands, fingers that NCT more active. If the NCT is right-handed, the right hand joint and the thumb, index finger, and middle finger are also more likely to degenerate and are more severe than the left hand joints. In cases of rheumatoid arthritis at NCT, the wrist, wrist, and fingers degeneration also accounts for higher rates. Another cause is calcium deficiency, especially premenopausal and menopausal women. The disease can also be seen in the NCT after injury, fractures, rheumatoid arthritis, gout, diabetes mellitus. In addition, the habit of less active in the NCT facilitates the development of joint disease, including degeneration of the joints of the hands, wrists ...

Older people exercise lightly as fan dance to prevent deformity of the joints, fingers.

Signs of degenerative joints, fingers

The prominent symptom is pain, stiffness. Pain occurs during movement, called mechanical pain and pain relief when joints are rested (not moving, not moving). Pain is not intense but usually only mild or moderate, lasting about 15 - 30 minutes, sometimes longer. In addition to joint pain, sometimes mild swelling. Joint stiffness usually manifested very clearly, appearing early in the morning or after noon sleep. It is difficult for the patient to move his hands or movements without being flexible or flexible, gradually making it difficult to carry out daily activities such as handling unstable objects (sometimes falling objects), table muscles Hands, fingers are shrinking and the joints are deformed.

To diagnose degeneration of the joints of the hands, fingers, apart from the clinical symptoms can also X-ray, CT scan or magnetic resonance, rate of blood sedation, determine the form factor RF (Rheumatoid Factor) .. .

Prevention so effective?

Once the defibrillation of the knee and finger joint is determined, EL needs regular medical care to be treated early. Medication must be prescribed by the doctor, not automatically buy medication because the drug treatment of degenerative joints have many unwanted effects that the EL can not know all.

For effective prevention, the elderly are at high risk of degeneration of the joints of the hands, wrists (women have been working many hands, housewives ...) should avoid heavy labor. When working, it takes time to rest, do not work continuously for many hours. In daily life or in labor, if there is a hand replacement, it should be used (eg dishwasher, meat grinder ...). Morning wake up should exercise gently the wrist joints, hands and fingers like dancing, waving ... If the condition should soak hands in physiological saline, warm, 2 times a day (morning And before bedtime), about 10 minutes each time. Avoid overweight and obesity with proper nutrition and physical activity.

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