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Guide To Use Moca

Moca Application Guide Modern payment services are first available in Vietnam

1. Install Moca Installation Guide Moca on your device

Step 1: Download the Moca app You can download the Moca app directly at the QR below or on Appstore / Google Play

Step 2: Register your account when you open the Moca application, you will be asked to register to the system by entering your phone number, full name. 

Step 3: Activate account To complete the registration, enter the activation code to start using the Moca application. Activation code is a sequence of numbers sent to your phone number via SMS.

1. Install Moca: Guide to connecting ATM / International cards to the Moca application

Option 1: Enter card information Enter your Inland / International Card details

Method 2: Automatic Card Scanning Click on the "Camera" icon on the screen to use interactive scanning information automatically.

Tag Management Select "Tag List" in the main menu of the application, the list of cards successfully connected with Moca will be displayed. At this screen, it is possible to Add a tag to a list or Delete a tag that is already connected to Moca.

2. Payment with Moca: Payment Guide via Moca Application
Step 1: Choose payment Select the "Payment" icon on the home screen to start paying.

Step 2: Scan the QR code Place the QR code provided in front of the lens and scan the QR code to receive payment information. Select "Enter QR code" and enter the provided QR code if the system can not scan the QR code.

Step 3: Enter information Enter payment amount, choose payment card (For 2 connected accounts or more) and enter the discount code (if any).

Step 4: Confirm payment Confirm the information and enter your PIN or CCV (issued by your card issuer). You can activate the "Trust This Seller" function to enable quick transaction (No Pin / CCV required) from next payment.




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