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Director of K Hospital: 35% of cancer by diet

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  • 16/05/2017

The director of K Hospital emphasized that smoking and inadequate nutrition are two of the leading causes of cancer.

Giám đốc bệnh viện K: 35% ung thư do chế độ ăn uống

Why is cancer growing?

Prof. Dr. Tran Van Thuan, Director of Hospital K said that cancer is increasing all over the world, not Vietnam alone.

In 2000, the number of new cancers in Vietnam was 69,000. Currently, the number is up to 126,000, of which about 94,000 deaths.

The incidence of cancer in both sexes is 140 / 100,000 people, ranking 78/172 countries and territories.

By 2020, Vietnam will have a minimum of 190,000 new cancers each year.


The five most common types of cancer in women include: Breast cancer, colorectal cancer, lung cancer, cervical cancer and stomach cancer.

The five most common types of cancer in men are: lung cancer, stomach cancer, rectal cancer and esophageal cancer.

Of which there are four main causes of cancer in Vietnam is increasing:

Firstly, the life expectancy of Vietnamese people is high, reaching 73.4 years old. The higher the age, the higher the exposure to cancer risk.

Second: Due to awareness, propaganda increased, people go to see more and more.

Third: The better the diagnostic means, the higher the detection rate.

Wednesday: Due to the impact of existing causes including external and internal causes.

Only 10% due to body disorder

"Cancer is a disease caused by a combination of causes, in which less than 10% of cancers are caused by disorders in the body, 80% are related to habitat," said PGS Thuấn

10% of the underlying causes include endocrine disorders, genetic damage.

For example, in a family of mothers and sisters with breast cancer, the person has a 4-6 times higher risk of breast cancer than the average person. This number is 2 to 4 times higher among women taking oral contraceptives for more than 10 years. Or multipolar polyps will be at higher risk of colon cancer ...


PGS.TS Trần Văn Thuấn. Ảnh: T.Hạnh

"Among causes related to environmental factors, smoking, inadequate nutrition and food contamination account for 65% of the causes of cancer," said Prof. Thuan.

- Smoking is the cause of 30% of all cancers such as lung cancer, larynx cancer, esophagus, oral cavity, indium, pancreas, breast, stomach, cervix.

- Unreasonable diet and food contamination: accounting for about 35%. In that diet more meat, tallow, less fruits and vegetables increase the risk of colorectal cancer and breast cancer.

Food preservatives, food dyes of chemical origin, intermediates and derived from mold food, fermentation (tomatoes, pickles) cause many types of gastrointestinal cancer such as: Stomach, liver, colon, esophagus ...

According to Assoc. Prof. Thuan, weight gainers, pesticides, antibiotics, additives ... in the food affect the health of the user, can cause acute poisoning, infection, flukes Brain ... but to develop into cancer disease often after prolonged exposure.

Therefore saying dirty food causes cancer is not groundless. To confirm, it takes a long time to follow up with a large sample size. Just as to confirm the harmful effects of smoking with lung cancer, scientists also take up to 30 years, "said Prof. Thuan emphasized.

- Environmental pollution: accounting for 2-8%. In that herbicide is a risk factor for breast cancer and some other cancers.

- Radioactivity: his type of cause is about 3%, emitted by x-ray machines, radioactive substances that can cause gene damage and tumor, thyroid, and blood cell growth.

- Ultraviolet: causes skin cancer.

- Viral Infections: Viruses that cause papillomas cause 70% of cervical cancer, Hepatitis B virus causes primary liver cancer, HP virus causes stomach cancer, schistosomiasis causes bladder cancer.

According to Assoc. Prof. Thuan, the causes mentioned above also need certain contact time, long to develop cancer.

Theo Thuý Hạnh


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