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Exchange products and services



HOPLUS's Return Policy provides the reasons for accepting, requesting for the product to be redeemed and the time it takes for the customer to return the product.


1. Condition of goods satisfactory to retur

- Products are sealed, delivered in wrong quantity, information and designs compared to orders.
- Product is defective due to manufacturer's fault (design, content, defects, hidden from the manufacturer) or defects in the shipping process. Moved (deformed, scratched, stained, etc.).
- The product expires before or on the date the product is delivered to the customer.

2. Customer needs change:

- HOPLUS accepts to pay for the reason that the customer changes the need to use, however, the product will be accepted will be based on the business policy at the time the customer requested.

- Not applicable to products subject to Restricted Returns or Products with Restricted Restrictions in the product description.


1. Conditions for payment:

- The product is not part of the HOPLUS Restricted Reproductive Catalog.

- The product is intact, fully labeled, original package, sealed in original form (except for defective product or damaged during transportation).

- The product is full (manual, box and accompanying product (if any).

- Product has no used sign, or badge of HOPLUS.

- The customer also confirms the purchase at HOPLUS (order number, purchase invoice, delivery note, bank statements ...) and complete the form on request form. Of HOPLUS (attached to order).

2. The time of application

- Unless otherwise stated in the introduction of products / services on the customer's website has a period of 03 days from the date of receipt of goods to send requests for payment.

3. The time for requesting a refund will be based on:

- If the customer sent by post or courier: the time stamped by the receipt of the post office or courier.

- If customers bring their own goods / goods to the exchange center: the time calculated when the HOPLUS staff receive the product back from the customer.

4. Reimbursement:

- For products exchanged for HOPLUS defects, the customer will be entitled to a free replacement and free delivery to the place indicated on the return request.

- For returned products changed by the customer, unless otherwise stated in the referral, the shipping charge will be charged according to the HOPLUS shipping policy. Be sent new arrivals to the requested address.


1. The principle of the refund

- Method of refund based on the method of payment of customers when buying goods.

- Refund to the card: When customers return goods / services, customers have to return the points have been calculated corresponding to the rate of return. HOPLUS will prioritize subtracting points from the customer's card first. If the customer's card is not enough, HOPLUS will collect the amount corresponding to the missing point value.

2. Method of refund

Refund methods include:
- Refund to the card / point account
- Refund via payment gateway system.
- Refund via bank transfer.
- Refund via bank accept card.
- Refund at HOPLUS Return Center

HOPLUS does not refund cash for interprovincial goods: priority is given to the card / account or bank transfer.

With a request for a product refund due to a change in Customer's needs, HOPLUS will refund the Client's card / account or other form as determined by HOPLUS and / or the regulations of the card issuer fall

3. Processing time

- HOPLUS will send the result of the refund request to the Customer via email and / or SMS within 02 working days from the date HOPLUS receives the product.

- If the refund request meets the requirements in the HOPLUS section, refund procedures will be performed for the customer since the request for refund is made during the following period:

o With non-bank payment: customers will receive refund within 5-7 business days.

o With the payment method through the bank: HOPLUS will complete refund procedures from 5-7 working days and send the request to the bank to process, refund the account to the customer.


- Promotion / liquidation products
- Product changed from cumulative point
- Products with no notes for return on HOPLUS website.

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