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Download Moca receive promotional gift

  * On the occasion of launching the Hoplus chain, Hoplus will reduce 5% on Bill payments and if customers download the Moca app for payment, they will be reduced by 30,000 directly by entering a promotional code.

  * Duration of the program starts from 15/06/2017 to 15/09/2018

  * Scope of deployment: At the Hoplus store chain and online website

   * Hoplus staff will introduce new customers to enter the Hoplus customer code and link the card successfully and Moca will receive the incentive 20,000 VN (Customer Condition is Moca's new user, first load, sign in. Hoplus introductory code and payment tag)

   * Customers who apply for the first time to pay for Moca at the Hoplus store, using the Hoplus30 coupon code, will receive a 30,000 VND discount (direct discount from the actual value of the order). Only applicable for minimum orders of 200,000 VND or more


    * Value includes VAT

    * Valid customers are those who have not used Moca before the start of the program

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