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The story of young people facing cancer at the peak of their career and awakening: Do not trade health for anything!

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  • 20/05/2017

"When faced with the boundary between life and death, you will discover that overtime, or too much pressure on yourself or your buying or buying needs is just fleeting."


Chuyện người trẻ đối mặt với ung thư khi ở đỉnh cao sự nghiệp và sự thức tỉnh: Đừng đánh đổi sức khoẻ lấy bất cứ thứ gì!

"The three most distressing aspects of human life are the loss of a child at an early age, the loss of a middle-aged wife and the loss of a mother at an early age, if I die, my parents, my husband and my son will face. These pains, so, I must resurrect live.

It is sharing the pain before the death of Vu Quyen - Ph.D. is causing social network over the past days. Born in 1978 in Jining Township, Shandong Province, China, Yu Qunan studied abroad, returned with a Ph.D. in hand and became a Fudan University's elite instructor University) reputation in Shanghai. After having given birth to a baby for one year, she was diagnosed with breast cancer. Not stopping there, a year later, doctors again announced that Ms. Vu's disease had become worse and she officially became a terminal cancer patient. Two years after fighting the disease, she passed away at age 33.

During the fight against evil cancer, Yu Quyên wrote a shared mind about life, illness and the cause of his illness. The words of one mother make everyone startle, as she said, it is eating habits, insomnia, over time, cramp excessively dead deadline and environment pollution. .. is the cause of cancer. Vu Quyen asserted that she had no inherited hereditary diseases, had a very good physical condition, gave birth to a baby and fed her for one year, and most of those with breast cancer were over 45 years old. Quyen is only 31 years old.


Vu Quyen is not the only one. Before that, the community was surprised by the information, the queen start-up Vietnam - Thuy Truong - end stage lung cancer during the best time of youth.

Thuy Truong returned to Vietnam after graduating with a BA in Computer Science from the University of Southern California in 2009. She founded two frozen Parallel Frozen Yogurt And Greengar, developer of the Tappy app, helps connect the same people at a site that has been purchased by Weeby.co for millions of dollars. After selling the company, Thuy returned to the US but continued to share, advising for many startups in Vietnam.

When she first heard about her diagnosis of lung cancer, Shui shared that she had stood by the room with thousands of questions: "Cancer? Why me?" How to react? "," Should I cry? But why should I cry? "

"That feeling is very strange, not sad or angry. I try to compare it to all the feelings I experienced: The first time I fell in love with someone, the first time I was single That betrayal, the first time I was denied college I wanted, the first time I fell on the mountain alone, the first time I was hit by a car, the first time my friend died. I do not cry when I'm facing the fact that I'm going to die of cancer, but who the hell is going to die? "


Thuy Truong is aggressively fighting cancer at the most beautiful age in life. Without despairing of the disease, the young woman has set up projects to help cancer sufferers like her face it and take better care of themselves.

Thuy Truong, Doctor Dinh Viet Bac (Department of Anatomy, Phu Tho General Hospital) said: "As a doctor, I saw her skipping Your will, energy, calmness in this case does not make the community have a better view of your health but also your health. It can be counterproductive: it is overestimating the very voices of your body everyday. "

That again is a wake-up call for each of us, especially young people, who are striving hard for their cause, "burn themselves out" for a brilliant youth but in exchange for health. , "Risk life" to pursue the dream.

Cancer has become a concern for young people

UK experts have recently issued extremely alarming remarks: children and adolescents with cancer are on the rise. In particular, the number of young people diagnosed with cancer has increased by 40% compared to 18 years ago. Researchers at the Children of Cancer Foundation have found, compared to 1998, that the number of young people with cancer has increased by 1300 each year. The most prominent of these are ages 15-24.

But why? What is the reason here? The expert group has come to the conclusion that all must be stunned: modern life is the culprit.

Society is increasingly modernizing, of course human life is also better. However, this also brings unwanted side effects such as air pollution, food that is high in chemicals, radioactive contamination ... The diet of young people today is also less healthy. All together, the number of cancer cases has increased dramatically.

Assoc. Prof. Tran Van Thuan, Director of K Hospital also said that cancer is increasing all over the world, not Vietnam alone. Among causes related to environmental factors, smoking, inadequate nutrition and food contamination account for 65% of the causes of cancer.

Listen to the body and detect early warning signs of cancer, as Dr. Dinh Viet Bac: "Cancer is not known yet what the cause is, we only know the risk and risk groups. So what we need to do is be ready to face it and detect it from a very early stage. With the early detection of cancer, nowadays medicine is available. And if you have a health insurance policy, you will not be a burden to your family, your family and your society. "

And finally, remember, do not trade health for anything. By "facing the boundary between life and death, you will discover that overtime, or too much pressure on yourself or your home buying or buying needs are just fleeting. "


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