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How to nutritional supplements for sick people

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  • 20/05/2017

GiadinhNet - The body is tired, limbs do not want to move, mouth bitter, swallow hard to eat anorexia, mental impatience is always pessimistic ... it is the general condition of patients when sick or sick.



How sick person should eat?

It is harder for patients to recover quickly. Because after a period of illness, feeling tired, always clinging, afraid of movement, anorexia, nervousness to communicate ... Most people after the illness just like sitting or lying down because they feel tired, Short of breath when traveling. This leads to poor digestion, no feeling of hunger, anorexia, fear of eating.

Along with that common sense of many people when taking care of the sick or the patient eat chicken eggs. Chicken eggs are high in nutritional value, but if processed and eaten incorrectly, they can be dangerous. When you get up, weak resistance should not eat fresh eggs, boiled unripe or beat on hot porridge, hot water because the eggshell surface has many tiny pores so the air and bacteria can penetrate even Can contaminate Salmonella in egg yolk .

Diet has a direct impact on improving mood and mood of patients. In order to quickly recover both physically and emotionally, the patient should combine treatment according to the physician's instructions and follow a balanced and well-balanced diet consisting of a full range of vitamins and minerals, Beneficial fatty acids and fiber. According to expert Nguyen Xuan Nguyen: patients in addition to eating energy-rich products always have to eat enough balance between nutrients. Do not eat indigestible products such as: banh chung; Fried meat, butter ... but must include fruit such as orange; green vegetables; fish; Meat ... One of the first concerns when taking care of patients is that patients need to drink enough water to eliminate toxins caused by medications. When cooking food should be soft, such as porridge, soup, milk ... If necessary, can be fed into several meals and eating time should last longer than normal to help the patient feel comfortable, comfortable and edible. more.

Nutrition + practice essential remedies to recover health

In addition to eating properly in the family, there are many foods in the market today as well as powder form of nutritional supplements for patients. According to expert Pham Thuy Hoa: All ages can use nutritional supplements. But when used must pay attention because currently in the community of people who are likely to have no enzyme Lactose in the body is not a little. For example, when drinking cow's milk or using cow's milk products, it will feel full stomach, boiling, allergy, diarrhea. It is advisable to use special types of beans such as soybeans which give it a higher protein content than meat, which is high in vitamins and minerals relative to foods animal.

Bổ sung dinh dưỡng cho người ốm như thế nào 2

Supplementing a combination of workouts will help the sick person recover quickly

According to expert advice Nguyen Xuan Nguyen: With patients suffering from fatigue when having to eat more meals can be supplemented with special hospital patients do not have as much service as in the family high energy is the safest option for the sick

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