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6 truths to know about diabetes

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  • 16/05/2017

People with diabetes if they have open wounds that are less likely to heal and are at higher risk of infection than normal.

When you find yourself with early diabetes, you can control it and live it normally. But you should also pay careful attention to your diet and fitness level.

There are two types of diabetes: type I and type II. Anyone today can get this disease because of changes in food and lifestyle. Children also can not avoid diabetes. Genetics is a disease-causing factor, but the fact is it can prevent transmission even when parents are infected. Here are some facts you need to know to prevent and treat diabetes:

1. Not many people are diagnosed early

If you feel you are at risk for diabetes due to eating habits, lifestyle or genetic background from your family, then go for blood test every 2 months to check. You do not want to get diabetes, but you know it's too late. If detected early, the disease can be cured due to diet, exercise and some basic medicines.

Facts You must Know About Diabetes

2. Diabetes can lead to heart disease and cause blindness

It will increase your eye pressure and increase your blood sugar. Untreated diabetes can lead to heart attack and blindness.

3. Be careful with open wounds

You need to be careful with open wounds when you have diabetes. These wounds take a long time to heal and are likely to be higher than normal, especially leg wounds. So always wear sandals when you go out and wash your feet carefully after you go somewhere with bare feet.

4. If obesity is the cause of diabetes, you can do slimming surgery

Slimming surgery is a good way to control diabetes if you are obese. Ask your doctor to make the best choice for you. Your doctor will also tell you whether the slimming surgery has left complications.

5. Type II diabetes usually has no symptoms

You may have diabetes but know it is too late. In Type I, you will find yourself in need of frequent urination and fatigue. Therefore, consult your doctor if you feel the body has abnormal symptoms.

6. Diabetes mellitus during pregnancy may recur after childbirth

If you get sick during pregnancy, the chances are more likely to recur later. There are many opportunities for relapse after childbirth so you need to make sure you do not get sick again after delivery. Get regular exercise while paying attention to your health and diet. A healthy diet and regular exercise not only help you control the disease but also prevent it in the long run.

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