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  • 23/02/2017

Celebrate Valentine's Day with roses, teddy bears and chocolate? Things that are romantic but too boring. A little creativity will show the respect, concern that you give to her girl. If you are still confused then remember: love is the common problem of all women. So Lixibox today will give you the five most glamorous and trendy cosmetics right now, guaranteed to slam her in a note.

Set in Kylie Jenner's ultra-hot Valentine's collection, this is the biggest surprise for the beauties because Kylie Cosmetics first launched its product range for the first time. Cheeks its own cheeks. The table is designed in the shape of a lovely eye catching diary, so make sure that she will be "fainted" when donated.


The table consists of two cherished Valentine's colors called First Date (Cam) and Virginity (Red Warm) and four eye colors and five eye colors. The powder is smooth, high color so when using should only take a few products to avoid bold. So it would be great for someone to receive this gift right on Valentine's Day.


Maybe no girl could refuse Jo Malone's scent if she tried it once. The scent is bold, simple, yet secret but still captivates with the sophistication, elegance and luxury of England.

The smell of perfumes seemed to be fully utilized to portray the flawless square perfume Jo Malone. Jo Malone's scent is a unique combination of unconventional familiar ingredients. Usually focus on a single scent or a simple combination of two or three scents. The scents created can be used alone or in combination with different fragrances in the collection, allowing the user to flexibly adjust the scent to their liking by combining them on the skin.

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