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10 bad habits that make people before the age of old, many people get Article 6

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  • 18/05/2017

Aging or aging is a common problem, but if it comes from a very early age, it is a warning sign of the unhealthy habits you have in your life.

10 thói quen xấu khiến con người già trước tuổi, rất nhiều người mắc phải điều 6

Sooner or later, we will start to get older too. The first sign is that silver hair suddenly appears on either side of the temples, or creases appear on the forehead. Whatever the case, unstoppable steps of time also leave some markings on your body, and bad news is that some bad habits will make these markers appear. Faster and more pronounced. If you do not remove these bad habits, they will surely speed up your aging speed.

1. Excessive exposure to sunlight

Here we are not just talking about sunbathing during the summer months. In fact, daily sunlight tends to cause long lasting damage to the skin, as many forget (or deliberately bypass) do not use any sunscreen, causing the skin to be damaged by UV rays and even Lice can lead to skin cancer.

2. Or exposure too little to the sun

On the contrary, there are also studies showing that vitamin D deficiency (due to insufficient exposure to natural light) can also lead to certain types of cancer. So the best way is to take a hard day out in the sun but remember to apply sunscreen.

3. Not sleep enough

There have been so many articles and studies talking about the effects of lack of sleep. In the context of this article, it can be said that if you do not sleep for 8 hours a day, you will definitely have to say goodbye to your youthful, soft and acne skin.

4. Do not use moisturizing cream (or use wrong)

Each skin has its own specific needs. Some people have oily skin; While others have dry skin like the Sahara. No matter what your skin tends to be, it is important to maintain regular and appropriate moisturisation for each type of skin. Today's moisturizers are so varied and useful, you only need to work on them.

5. Use cheap soap

We all know that good soaps can be very expensive. But sooner or later, all kinds of soaps promote harm, take away the essential oils and leave a residue on your skin. So try to use the most appropriate soap, and ideally have a dead skin cleanser.

6. Lazy movement

Exercise not only keeps muscles strong, but it is good for your skin as well. When exercising or exercising regularly, your skin will look healthier because the blood is pumped through the capillaries of the skin, pushing oxygen to the skin cells and removing harmful impurities. Obviously this is a good reason to go back to the gym immediately.

7. Being stress

Scientists have discovered that over time, stress and cortisol levels along with it can lead to many problems, including heart disease, high blood pressure, decreased libido, erectile dysfunction, and so on. It is therefore no surprise that stress can also damage the skin, reducing the amount of collagen that progresses over time.

8. Do not eat enough food

Foods that contain omega-3 fatty acids, antioxidants, fiber, vitamins A, C, E and less sugar.

Things you should avoid: Irritant food, junk food, fatty greens.

9. Drink too much alcohol

Have you ever thought about and found that people who drink alcohol often look older than those who do not drink alcohol? It's time to get rid of all kinds of alcoholic beverages if you want to have a face that is easygoing and youthful.

10. Smoking

About the effects of tobacco probably do not need to say much, not only make you face becomes haggard, the traces left on the teeth of tobacco is terrible.

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